Using Video SEO to Enhance Corporate Imagery

In order to maintain pace in a competitive market businesses must effectively utilize every tool available to them to their advantage. One of the most advantages marketing tools that SEO Services Canada recommends to their clients is online video marketing. We are a full service SEO firm, skilled in all aspects of video marketing services including: production, marketing, distribution and other video SEO services.

SEO Services Canada is pleased to offer a wide variety of video SEO services such as:

  • Optimized Video Distribution
  • Intelligently Targeted Online Video Marketing
  • Several other forms of video marketing services designed to bolster your brands identity and boost sales revenue generation.

Business who desire maintaining a competitive edge will want to leverage the benefits of utilizing videos on their websites. However, what is the best method of maintaining a competitive advantage when so many websites online are already utilizing videos?

The Video SEO Services offered by SEO Services Canada enable you to establish and enhance your corporate branding initiatives on the leading video sharing websites, while delivering a constant message and taking advantage of the benefits of having a professionally designed video. Once the video has been optimized with the latest video optimization techniques it will then be professionally marketed and distributed across the World Wide Web. Online video marketing enables potential consumers to locate your business’s video via popular search engines such as Google and then view them on leading online video sites.

Your business may already take advantage of video distribution, yet are searching to enhance your existing video. The Video SEO Services offered by SEO Services Canada are designed to assist you in designing an advanced and highly customized keyword and link building initiative to greatly augment the rank your video receives by the search engines.

The popularity of online videos as grown significantly over the last decade, in fact, as research would indicate in November 2009 alone, more than 170 million American web surfers viewed videos in an online format – an excess of 31 billion videos were viewed. It is further estimated that more than 84% of American Internet users watch online videos, with the average viewer watching 700 minutes of online video or more.

The Role of the Internet Video

Businesses and individuals alike are given the ability to tell non-linear, interactive and engaging stories through the use of online video. Taking advantage of online video marketing greatly increases the way businesses are able to engage and communicate with their target audience. Effective use of video marketing services not only lowers the costs associated of consumer retention, it also increases website conversion rates and delivers a strong return on investment for all ongoing marketing initiatives.

Shortening the Learning Curve

Online video has the potential to market new products or services much faster, and to a wider audience, than print alone. This is an especially useful tool for businesses hoping to launch a newly marketed product or for lesser known companies hoping to establish their brand.

Engaging Viewers and Establishing Brand Loyalty

The world of business is both lucrative and highly competitive, effective use of video SEO services enables businesses to build a brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

The Bottom Line

A strategically planned and marketed video will better assist businesses in driving revenue and broadening their consumer reach. At SEO Services Canada we understand the fundamentals of online video marketing and are able to utilize that understanding to design and deliver result driven Video SEO Services guaranteed to bring success to our clients.

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