The 5 Steps of SEO Web Design

The popularity of the Internet has grown immensely over the years; in fact, the probabilities of crossing paths with a person or business that does not utilize the web are slim. The World Wide Web is home to tens of thousands of websites, each vying for an attractively indexed location with the most prolific search engines. Regardless of the nature of a business, or it’s physical location (if any) modern day consumers can access any product or service without ever leaving their homes. Establishing a stable online marketing presence and achieving a top search engine rank are not as easy as placing a few pages of ad copy and graphics on a website, however. SEO Services Canada is skillful in SEO Website Design and understands the requirements of engaging a business’s target market and are well equipped to ensure that your business receives a top page rank.

Businesses of the past never had to place much weight on SEO Web Design, and could get away with simply throwing a jumble of words and files at a virtual wall and hoping that something stuck. The modern online business world is far more intricate. The World Wide Web of today consists of search engine spiders and millions of internationally based and demanding Internet surfers looking to satisfy their daily need for engaging and fascinating Internet content. A websites design elements and search engine optimization strategies will play a significant role in how that site is viewed by the leading Internet search engines and how it is viewed in a search query. In the event that the website does not appropriately follow the principles of SEO website design or it is not easily navigated by viewers the site will lose its competitive edge and be looked upon unfavorably by the search engines.

A great deal of planning goes into the execution of the perfect SEO Web Design strategy. SEO Services Canada follows a well-detailed 5 step process to assist their clients in achieving greatness in their online business endeavors.

Step One: Site Architecture and Design Planning

Prior to website creation, it is necessary to make a decision regarding the message the website is going to convey. SEO Services Canada will assist their clients in ascertaining the most likely online marketing strategy and how to properly execute it. Flourishing businesses understand that no two consumer personalities are identical, and therefore realize the importance of investing in market, consumer and keyword research. It is imperative to the survival of any online business, regardless of their industry, that they understand in great detail who their target market is as this information will be the focus of their SEO Website Design efforts.

There are many benefits to understanding your target market. They include:

  • Developing a concise understanding of your consumers’ needs and requirements.
  • Providing you with the information necessary to establish a strong corporate voice.
  • Determining which products or services should be emphasized or focused on.
  • Giving your organization the strength to make a more informed business decision.

Step Two: Website Analysis and Assessment

As soon as the direction of the site and its target audience has been determines, SEO Services Canada will then provide your business with a detailed analysis of your competition, providing answers to questions such as:

  • What are their objectives and how are they being met?
  • How can you improve upon their best features and use that to your advantage?
  • What differentiates your business from theirs?
  • What will it take for your business to exceed theirs?

The premier requirement when attempting to identify your competition is to research the keywords targeted for your specific industry. SEO Services Canada will leverage their seasoned SEO proficiency to undertake a thorough analysis of your competitive structure to formulate a listing of the most relevant keywords.

Step Three: SEO Website Design

Once the planning and analysis phases have been completed, there are two components of SEO Web design that should be explored. Firstly, it is essential to consider the consumer persona. How will they navigate around the website? Easy website navigation is paramount, if a user experiences difficulty getting around a website they will surf to a competitor quickly. Consider the different navigational elements available: drop down menus, left-hand or right-hand sidebars, etc. Which will be best accepted by your target audience? SEO Services Canada’s SEO Website Design experts will leverage each of the revolutionary tools available to them to ensure that you meet and exceed your marketing objectives.

The Objectives and Challenges Addressed During This Stage Include:

  • Uncovering the best site architecture.
  • Determining the role that site navigation plays in search engine rank.
  • Deciding whether existing content should be rewritten or optimized.
  • How will existing SEO parameters be utilized to enable search engines to rank your website?
  • What Internet technologies be used in the creation of the site?

Step Four: SEO Web Design Implementation and Testing

The next step for SEO Services Canada’s team is to establish an actionable plan to begin piecing together all of the components – SEO website design, quality content and coding – in order to ensure that the website is built in a fashion that will guarantee success.

Once the website has been built it must then be scrupulously and thoroughly tested to verify the existence, if any, of navigational or functionality issues and to ensure that the site is functioning as planned.

Step Five: Website Authority and Rank Building

As an added bonus, SEO Services Canada will undertake an aggressive website authority and ranking building initiative to ensure that your business’s website is well received by the search engines. They will use their findings to better assist you with future and ongoing SEO and marketing tactics.

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