What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art and science which enables your website to appear higher in the search engine results.
Why do I need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
SEO will allow your website to be found in the search engines by your prospective clients. If your clients are not finding your website, then they are finding your competitors’ websites.
How much does it cost to have SEO?
SEO pricing and packages vary based on the industry, competition geography and the scope of the search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.
Does your company require a long term commitment?
No, there is No Term Contract or Commitment required with our company. While SEO can often take several months to achieve ROI, we believe in earning your business each month. Very few SEO companies place this level of confidence in their services and they generally require 6 months to 1 year minimum contracts.
How long does it takes to see results?
Results are seen instantly through an increase in your website’s positioning in search engine results, but for top ranking to be achieved, the average time frame varies from 3 to 6 months but it depends on a number of factors.
How can my business target clients locally using SEO?
Small businesses can benefit from SEO immensely. An SEO campaign can easily be designed to target only one specific geographic area, all of Canada or even global. The web presence you choose can be easily scaled depending on your business objectives and marketing budget.
Can you guarantee a #1 ranking on Google?
It is impossible for any SEO Company to guarantee a #1 ranking on any search engine as they are all third party systems. However, we have attained and continue to attain #1 rankings for many of our clients in highly competitive industries as can be seen from our numerous case studie.
Can’t I just pay Google to show up in the rankings?
Appearing in the organic search engine rankings requires the services of a competent SEO Company. You can pay Google directly for Ads using their Pay-per click (PPC) services however, Ads only get about 5% of the overall clicks and can be very expensive.
Are your methods in line with search engine guidelines?
We use only accepted, white hat methods to achieve organic rankings for our clients. We abide by search engine guidelines, terms and conditions. In addition, our teams remain well informed of recent changes in search engine policies and industry trends.
How can I find out the rank of my website?
To find out where your website ranks, you can do it manually by searching for keywords related to your business in the search engines or by using a number of free SEO tools available online. Or you can contact us for a free SEO Analysis and we’ll be happy to help you.
Why is my site not showing up in search engines?
There can be many factors preventing your website from showing up in the search engine results. Some factors could be: (1) your website design may not be search engine friendly (2) some code and scripts can prevent search engines from crawling your website (3) your site has not been properly submitted or (4) your site has very little authority for non-branded keywords.
How much involvement is required from my side?
Most of the involvement required on your end comes before our SEO services begin. You’ll need to provide us with details regarding your business needs and objectives in order to allow us to develop an SEO strategy. But once this phase is completed, involvement is minimal. We will have monthly overview calls scheduled to discuss the progress and results.
Why am I paying a monthly fee?
SEO is a very labor intensive task. It requires countless hours of link-building by teams of SEO specialists. The more competitive an industry is, the more labor-intensive the SEO to keep you outranking your competition.
Can’t my niece who is a graphic designer do the SEO?
Absolutely. Why just last week I asked my brother-in-law, the plumber, to flush out my arteries. We frequently get inquiries from web designers & web developers requesting us to do the SEO for their design clients because they are not experts in this field.
Why should I outsource my SEO?
Performing SEO on a website is a full time job. SEO Services Canada is the nations leading SEO Services Company. Our professional staff will apply our knowledge and expertise to deliver you reliable SEO services so you can focus on the day to day tasks of running your business.