The Business of B2B SEO

There are many differences between B2B Internet marketing and B2C SEO, not just from a strategic standpoint but also in the desired outcomes of each. Many of the traditional B2B issues pose an even greater challenge for those attempting to market B2B in an online format.

Normal consumer buying decisions are made much more quickly, and with less time exhaustive research, than a business to business buying decision. There are many hurdles involved in business to business sales, for example there may be more than one person involved in the final decision and the purchase is likely to affect more than a single user as well.

Since the buying process is much more complex in a B2B environment, B2B SEO strategies must reflect each stage of the process appropriately. One of the most important elements to consider when tailoring a B2B Internet marketing strategy is HOW the search engine will be used.

Some of the ways the search engines may be utilized during the B2B buying process include:

  • Searches to compare products
  • Searches to research information about potential vendors and suppliers
  • Searches to research case studies and review consumer testimonials
  • Search to locate trial or demo versions of particular products
  • Searches to locate the best price

From a B2B SEO prospective, it is critical to the success of any B2B Internet marketing initiative to understand the target audience and develop an intimate knowledge of what types of people and businesses will be searching for a particular product or service. It is essential that the developed strategy is capable of guiding them in the right direction, while providing only necessary information, in a quick and efficient manner.

What are the Main Differences between B2B SEO and B2C SEO?

The obvious difference between the two being the target focus, for instance, B2C focuses on the consumer whereas B2B focuses on B2B search engine optimization. That being said, the foundational components of B2B Internet marketing do not differ greatly from B2C SEO.

Those elements being:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page Optimization
  • Content and Copywriting
  • Internal Linking

Keyword Research for a B2B SEO Campaign

All great search engine optimization initiatives are built around proper keyword and keyphrase activity. The main differentiation between B2B and B2C, as it pertains to keyword research, is the keywords selected must encompass a far greater area and have a necessity to be much more varied than they would need to be in a B2C campaign. In order to achieve success in a B2B Internet marketing initiative they keywords used must maintain the ability to engage online searchers through each stage of the B2B buying process. The keywords targeted and utilized must focus on the target audience throughout the entire process. Since the classification of online searchers will change at different stages of the buying process, it becomes necessary to formulate a strategy that will enable businesses to hone in on the most appropriate keywords to effectively optimize their websites so that they are engaging to many different personalities throughout the entire buying process.

On-Page Optimization for B2B Internet Marketing

On-Page optimization is often disregarded by larger enterprises, however, it is a crucial component of any successful campaign. On-Page optimization enables search engines to effectively gauge the weight of the each website and its content.

Content and Copywriting for B2B SEO

Quality content and copy are vital elements to the success of any website. Even the most aesthetically pleasing websites will falter without the inclusion of content that is both informative and engaging. Traditionally, content created for B2C use must focus on a product of service whereas content created for B2B use serves a much different purpose. B2B site conversions serve the purpose of establishing a strong working relationship with product users and is likely to consist of things such as: case studies, demos or free trials, access to newsletters and do on. Due to this, it is necessary for B2B websites to take advantage of many different formats (videos, graphics, blogs, databases) when creating content. The majority of business to business purchasing decisions take several months to complete therefore it is necessary for websites to contain the right type of content to guide decision makers through each stage of the process.

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